Initiating Direct Flights

  • $ 300 million airport investment
  • International airspace status to be won
  • The tourism industry will develop further, new hotels will be built
  • New commercial real estate and housing demand will increase
  • International real estate projects will be passed on
  • Investor groups from Russia, Europe, Middle East, Turkey will come
  • Real estate investment funds will become active
  • Shopping malls and luxury brands and stores will invest
  • Projects for health tourism and pensioners will be built

Project of Water from Turkey to Cyprus

  • Project cost is 450 million USD
  • 75 million m³ of water will come, the island's 50-year water needs will be met
  • 50% of drinking water will be used for agriculture
  • Land-land prices are high
  • There will be great opportunities for investment in rural areas
  • The European Union will have a special status for trade
  • General life standards and income will increase
  • Investment in luxury apartments, villas and real estate will also increase

TRNC Will Be A Country Of Universities

  • The number of students will increase from 100,000 to 200,000, in 5 years
  • Demand for apartment rentals and rentals will increase significantly
  • New dormitories, shopping centers, entertainment centers, restaurants will be built
  • There will be a serious move in commercial real estate
  • Real estate prices will move upwards

Pazar Bilgisi